About us

Brigitte & Dirk Tacke | Photography and design is our craft, cooking and good food our passion.

Dirk has been working as a photographer since 1984 and since I know him, pictures are his life. He is always an image seeker and image creator. He lives in pictures, which can sometimes be exhausting for the closer environment. To explore the new terrain of photography is for him the most beautiful task. With his gift to have a sense for the special image, to capture the correct perspective and the unique moment, he has found his passion in photography. What else would he have become: Photographer.

I am more the restless of the two of us. After graduation I completed an apprenticeship as portrait photographer in Munich. Then I worked as a photo assistant, have born a child, did a multimedia education, worked as a graphic designer and web designer, gave birth to a second child, married a Stillife photographer (Dirk), worked as a “dumpling and spaetzle queen” at the Restaurant Süßmund in the Glockenbachviertel And last but not least, I trained as an online editor at the Journalism Academy and now I’ve brought all the threads together and work in our photo studio as a social media officer, food stylist, photo assistant, girl for everything, what else would I have become: psychologist.